My name is Dimitri Loginowski, I am a CG generalist with a decade of experience in VFX and Mograph fields ( IMDB | LinkedIn ). I work with creative agencies, production studios, web developers and entrepreneurs – covering the entire gamut of visual asset production. My favorite parts of CG are design, dynamics, shading/lighting and look development. I also like to optimize the workflow – simplify and automate complex tasks, create digital assets and develop pipeline tools with python. My thorough understanding of the CG workflow allows me to be proactive on set and find the most efficient solution for the task/budget.


Design, Look Dev, Simulation, Animation, Shading, Lighting, Compositing, CG/VFX/Pipeline Supervision, Web Dev.  I work on/off-site and can involve my network of top notch talent to take on bigger projects.


Houdini, Maya (MRay, VRay, Arnold), RealFlow, PFTrack, Adobe CS and Python – are my favorite tools at the moment, but I have used most of them in production.